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Want better oil trading conditions? 

When you trade oil with Exness, you are assured of fixed spreads. Fast order execution and many more advantages 

Exness platform multi-asset trading capabilities


Trade with the world's largest retail broker and benefit from market-beating conditions.

Exness platform multi-asset trading capabilities

Fee-free stock trading

Trade stocks of major companies on global stock exchanges with low transaction costs.

No matter what asset class you choose to trade, Exness keeps your spreads stable, your pricing exact. and speedy execution of your trades!

What type of assets do you like?

Comparison of Exness MT4 vs MT5 trading platforms
Infographic of Exness trading instruments diversity

Exness offers many types of trading products. This may include:

Financial instruments you can trade on Exness



More than 50 currency pairs including major, minor and emerging currency pairs.


Service 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

More than 100 currency pairs are available for CFD trading on MT4 on Exness. We offer trading on major currency pairs including EURDUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY, and minor currency pairs. There is also a long list of emerging currency pairs that you can trade CFDs on.

Mobile view of Exness trading products-forex
Mobile view of Exness trading products-gold

20 score

Translated into Thai as "Average Spread for Gold (XAU)


Translated into Thai as "Extend free swap period

On Exness MT4, you can trade CFDs on metals in currency pairs, including XAUUSD, XAUEUR, XAUGBP and XAUAUD for gold, as well as XAGUSD, XAGEUR, and Palladium (XPD) in currency pairs as well.


Translated into Thai as "Crude oil, UK oil, and natural gas It is a popular global commodity.


Translated into Thai as "Trading with leverage up to 1:2000

At Exness you can trade commodity derivatives on the world's most traded commodities, including USOIL, XNGUSD, UKOIL, XAUUSD, XAGUSD and XPTUSD.

Personalized Exness dashboard for portfolio managemen
Mobile view of Exness trading products-energy


Trade major stock indices with an advantage


Beat major global stock indices with trading conditions designed to complement your strategy.

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Diversify your portfolio and trade CFDs on major US stock indices. UK, Germany, Japan and China on MT4 with Exness. Access popular global indices such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE 100 and NIKKEI 225. 

1:400 for US30, US500 and USTEC and 1:200 for other indices.

Mobile view of Exness trading products-indices


Fee-free stock trading


Trade stocks of major companies on global stock exchanges with low transaction costs.

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Access a wide selection of stock CFDs when trading on MT4 with Exness. Trade stock CFDs from sectors such as Technology (APPL, META), Luxury Goods (TSLA), Essentials (KO) and more.

Mobile view of Exness trading products-stocks


Leverage up to 1:400 BTCUSD

0 Swap

There are no swap charges for cryptocurrency positions.

Trade popular cryptos like BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and LTCUSD and hold your positions with no overnight fees.

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Infographic of Exness trading instruments diversity

Why must be exness?

Exness was chosen because of its competitive trading conditions, wide range of trading tools, and strict regulatory compliance.

The best reason to choose Exness is probably its combination of competitive trading conditions. Including low spreads, high leverage options. and fast trading execution along with strong regulatory compliance Ensuring a safe and reliable trading environment for traders of all levels.

Exness in numbers

Exness in Numbers


Over 700,000 currently trading clients

>5 License 

Received supervision from various agencies.


Multilingual customer support Available 24 hours every day.

Top Security

Certified by PCI DSS

Exness Account type 

Our account types

Accounts with immediate action No fees, low spreads

Pro Account

Our most popular accounts Suitable for all traders

Standard Account

Lowest spreads Fixed fee per lot Operated at market prices

Zero Account

What we offer Exness Thailand

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Broker Agent (IB) Program

Exness partnership and IB program benefits

Earn up to 40% revenue share from existing clients you refer to trade with us. You will receive continuous returns every time your clients trade.

Learn more

You will receive up to 40% revenue share.

We pay rewards to your account every day. And you can access your money as soon as you need it.

Receive daily payouts and withdraw money instantly.

As an Exness partner, we will automatically enroll you in our loyalty program. and no additional steps

Loyalty program for partners

Join a new type of trading with Social Trading.

Exness Social Trading gives you the opportunity to invest in the successful strategies of other traders around the world. Just choose a strategy and deposit money to invest. You earn income from every profitable trade.

Principles of Social Trading

Getting started with Social Trading is easy - just use our filters to find a strategy that suits your risk tolerance. Then you can start investing. Then wait to receive income when the strategy makes a profit for you.

Invest in three easy steps

Invest using other traders' strategies Or share your own strategies to make money.

Join a new type of trading with Social Trading.

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